Sunday, 21 October 2012

World Building for The Perfect Storm

Welcome to my 2topia:! A planet that has two moons and a highly advanced civilization that will take your breath away...
Excerpt from today's writing:

His mother was pushing to see him but maybe it was for the best. He was thankful his parents’ trip would take a week, even at infinitely faster-than-light speeds that humans have not even dreamt of yet. They would go through the Universal wormhole in Alpha Centauri’s binary star system propped open with superstrings of limitless energy. He saw it in his mind’s eye: the wormhole used by 2topians for easy access to Earth and its rich resources.

 From 2topia to Earth was just a week’s travel. The incredible pressure that such high velocities were thought to be created for the body did not happen as expected at that speed as time also speeded up to a superluminal blur. Of course, everyone was backed up with data streams in case of failure to allow cloning in the case of death, though it was not an option Cullen liked to think about as it was too similar to a mind-sweeper experience and he could not imagine for one second wanting Lily to forget any of their time together...
Best, January

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