Sunday, 28 October 2012

Lily and Cullen's story

The Perfect Storm

The gentle flow of three hundred year old classical music surrounded Lily as she waited at the entrance of the wedding venue for the march to begin. It would announce her intentions to walk down the aisle to join with Cullen. Her mind had been filled all day with an intense buzzing sensation that heightened her sense of unreality. Then, as the wedding march started and she began her long walk toward her intended she felt a great relief come over her and it was a little like swooning. Above her the stars shone hard and bright and sparks struck off the dark skin of the universe through the vaulted glass ceiling of the conservatory. In this other humbled world she walked on the wings of love toward Cullen, carrying their child in her womb.
*These two lovers are more than star-crossed. They come from different planets! Lily is from Earth and Cullen is from 2topia. Talk about conflict as 2topians are on Earth to exploit humans...
Best, January Bain

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