Sunday, 4 November 2012

2topian view of our planet Earth

Happy Sunday Everyone,

Got a really early start due to the time change so five was really four o'clock in the morning!
THE PERFECT STORM stands at 36,507 at this brief moment in time.

Cullen Goodman, the hero of my work-in-progress, is in the process of telling his parents that he has fallen in love with an Earthling. Horror of Horrors!

Un-edited Excerpt of The Perfect Storm:

“Yes, I’ve fallen in love and married a woman. Lily Stewart to be exact.”

His father closed his eyes for a moment as if gathering himself and for the first time Cullen could see that he had aged. 2topians live far longer than the people of Earth thanks to so many advances in health care, but they were not immortal and could expect to live one hundred and seventy years at best. Every life form on all life-giving planets, of which there were too many to count in the cosmos, had the same curious feature that though they promoted life, they were even better at extinguishing it. And so many had totally extinguished theirs by not getting their act together in time to prevent total alienation. Thank God there was still hope for Earth. But knowing he would very likely live longer on Earth than Lily was not something he was prepared to dwell on. It would be his job to convince her to live on 2topia and avail herself of their advancements. And perhaps the two of them, along with Mathew and Jasmine and others that would band with them in the future could help this population…

“It’s insanity to think that this won’t lead to your undoing, Cullen. Did Tiber not teach you anything?”

“He was a good teacher. Things changed when I met Lily. I saw reason—that it is wrong what we are doing here. And I’m not the only one.”

“Who else, Cullen?”
He looked at his father, wondering how much he should say as his mother came into the room. Eying them both, she sat down on a chair close by and shook her head at Cullen’s offer of a drink.
“I’m fine. Now, what’s been shared between the two of you?”
Your son has fallen in love with a human!”
Best, January Bain
November 4, 2012
from Ashern, Manitoba, Canada