Monday, 16 July 2012

Enchanted Book Tours Blog Dates

Hi Everyone!

Been so busy promoting my first novel this July that I feeling overwhelmed with stuff I should be doing, but darn it, it's summer!!!

Anyway, here's my blog dates set up by Majanka through Enchanted Book Tours to-date:

Majanka reports: "The book got 5 stars. The review is short though, but congrats on the 5 stars!

Here are the other tour stops I scheduled so far. I'm working to schedule more before putting up the full schedule on the website:"
July 16th: Review on

July 19th: Book Excerpt on

July 20th: Book Excerpt Post on

July 27th: Review and Book Excerpt Post on

August 2nd: Interview on

August 4th: Guest Post on

August 7th: Book Excerpt Post on

August 8th: Review and Excerpt on

August 11th: Guest Post and Giveaway on

August 13th: Guest Post and Giveaway on
 Thanks Majanka for all your help!
Best, January Bain
This is my favorite review so far on Amazon: Thanks Gurmeet!!!
There are two main elements in a successful novel. Firstly there is the story, the tale that must be told and secondly there is the author's ability to tell the story. Neither of these strands can stand alone, a poor story cannot be well told by even the most gifted writer and a great story will always suffer at the hands of a scribe who cannot do it justice.

January Bain's Forever Man comes as a surprise then, for a first novel. It is not only a cracking tale but told with style and panache. Romance, yes, and vampire fiction, yes, and both of these genres have suffered their share of brickbats, but this is a highly readable book. It flows smoothly with both believable characters and dialogue in a realistic setting, always the mark of a good writer, and the events are entertaining enough, with ample twists and turns, to keep most readers hooked. This writer promises much and has launched her writing career with a novel that will provide a rewarding reading experience to those who are willing to enter its headily exotic realm.