Monday, 7 October 2013

Forever Angel (Forever #4) October 7, 2013

Today is an amazing day! Book four, Forever Angel, has just been released by Champagne Books!

For commenting on any of my stops along my virtual book tour you could win a limited edition art print painted by yours truly.

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Fun to play tag in the summertime!

Historical romance novelist Sheanne Moore felt there wasn't enough sun in her native Scotland this summer. So she designed this summer sun award.  Cat passed it onto Ute who has passed the honor on to me! I don't know if I can keep up with those talented authors, but I'll give it a go!

To accept the award, I have to display the banner (easy peasy) and answer eight questions about my summer doings (maybe not so easy peasy, but here goes).

1. Favorite Song with Summer in the Title or the lyrics (hum a few bars and give lyrics here)

Summertime because it was the first song I ever played on the piano! And you don't want me humming it because it turns out that I'm tone death. But then, so are my cats who seem to love my voice. No accounting for tastes!

2. Favorite book about summer: DRAGONFIRE Okay, shameless promo here but I am right in the middle of writing a book that uses summer and fire as a big part of its fantasy plot.

3.  Favorite Summer movie: Pretty Woman

4. Favorite Summer memory:

Traveling across Canada and the USA as a child. Yellowstone is a big favorite.

5. Favorite summer destination: our attached screen house! Love to say the cabin's open when we put up the screens. There truly is no place like home!

6. What will be in your suitcase this summer: A hat because I burn like crazy! And my computer and ipad and Sony e-reader 'cause I need my electronics and don't anyone try to take them away!!! Don't say I didn't warn you!

7. Likely Summer destination: Grand Forks for a little shopping and R and R. Summer ritual as my husband's birthday present (I'm a Leo) always includes shopping. Yeah!

8. What hottie would you most like to share the hot days and long nights this summer:

Soooo easy, my wonderful husband!

Okay, I'm all out of secrets so thanks for the fun Ute. Have a great summer everyone!


Wednesday, 15 May 2013

New Book coming out in September!

Forever Angel will be released September 2! It's the fourth book in the Forever Series and takes us into brand new territory. I also have an new editor from Champagne Books who I am really looking forward to working with.



And so it shall pass that the white angel comes to drive out the dark angel and ease the suffering of the Clans.
                                                                                                                   ~Lord Ra


You’ll like Julie. She’s a very nice small-town girl from halfway around the world who needs a change of scenery. Promise me that you’ll show her a good time while she’s here, Jax. She knows nothing about our being vampire and since you’re a Daywalker you’re our only hope in keeping her suspicions at bay, though with her sister-in-law Ellie being a true healer she might have a more open mind than most.
 That was his ma’s words just one week ago and here he was heading for the airport to pick up that bit of baggage, dutiful son that he was. He snorted in derision, remembering how absolutely unimpressed he was to be the official escort of someone—he almost used the word hick but thought better of it—from Nome, Alaska. And to think he had important plans this week—lord knows time was the one thing he did not have enough of and what little he had certainly did not include chaperoning a Miss Julie Stone through the tourist spots of Luxor. He ran his hands through hair that the sun had bleached to a burnished gold, his azure blue eyes glinting angrily in his tanned face, the chiseled jaw-line tightening from the momentary annoyance.
He pulled up at the gates to the visiting parking area of the airport, yanked a ticket from the automatic dispenser, and drove the black SUV with dark-tinted glass into the designated area. Strolling with incredible innate gracefulness for such a tall, well-built man, he headed for Gate Three. The chit could wait for him. He would not be rushed on her account. He was aware he did not have a much of a capacity for commotion at this juncture of his life. And like one of his favorite quotes-man, Oscar Wilde, he did not suffer fools gladly. The jury was still out on just how much escorting this particular guest would upset his well-ordered life for the next few weeks, but the tautness in his gut was suggesting it would bring more disruption than he was prepared to deal with.
~  *  ~
Julie Stone, on the other-hand, unaware she was currently viewed as a liability, was exploding with excitement as the Boeing 747 landed precisely in the middle of the paved runway of Luxor, Egypt, the sound deafening and then easing as the pilot applied the brakes and it came to a full stop on the tarmac. The buzzing sound of the electric Jetway, the bridge between the plane and terra firma, reached out and locked into position at the cabin door.
Finally, after months of begging her mother, she was in exotic Egypt! She could hardly believe her luck. She had wanted to visit her sister-in-law’s brother Aiden and his wife Winter for years, since they were married at a hand-fasting back in Scotland, but it took till now to get the stars lined up to get things to happen. She grinned to herself, happiness radiating from her convivial spirit and causing other passengers to smile in appreciation at her high color and the sparkle in her bright blue eyes, her sleek ebony black ponytail dancing about her shoulders as she began to yank her carry-on down from the overhead bin.
The heavy bag finally jerked free of its confinement and came cavorting down where it almost landed on top of her seat mate whom she had been conversing with since he had boarded the plane at a brief stop-over in New York. He mentioned he wanted to see more of her in Luxor, and even gone so far as to trade business cards and making tentative plans for drinks and a meal in the weeks ahead.
He smiled at her whoops look now, apparently finding her entirely charming as he handed her the offending piece of luggage. “I’ll see you to your relatives, Miss Julie.”
She nodded and they headed off to join the conga line in the center isle of the aircraft. The tired passengers snaked their way to the open cabin door, most restless to stretch their stiff muscles after the long flight. The over-crowded plane was stifling and there had been the usual distractions of crying babies and whiny tired children, but none of it had fazed Julie. She was on a much anticipated adventure and was right in her glory, her intrepid spirit sucking up all the nuances of the journey.
 She would refuse to let anything that happened in Nome this past year affect her time in Egypt; this she was adamant about as she pushed away anything but good thoughts to the furthest recesses of her fevered mind. Her normal way of being—hardworking, calm and thoughtful was how she perceived herself, though others might differ in their opinion of her character—definitely not using the adjective calm, had been jettisoned somewhere over the frigid Atlantic. She had even spent time visualizing throwing all the bad memories of the past months off the plane in the short time between conversations with her seatmate who appeared to have sympathy for her plight when she filled him in on her troubles. She was going to Egypt to have a good time, her ex-fiancĂ© Derrick be damned!
At the baggage carousel she almost missed seeing her two bright red suitcases bumping cheerily along the moving track, but managed to jump in just in time to grab them. She and her new friend, moving at the same time for the same reason, collided heads with a resounding thud in the ensuing commotion and literally bounced off each other. No one was hurt and they broke out laughing. Their merriment carried with them on out into the waiting area. Julie was enjoying the attentions of the handsome, richly dressed Egyptian with the wicked sense of humor when she spun around demonstrating a recent dance move she had witnessed on Dancing with the Stars and collided with a solid object on her right that sent her reeling off balance.
The man looked none too pleased at her antics and reached over to grab her to keep her from landing on her keister. Feeling decidedly ungraceful, she straightened herself with his help and looked up into the bluest eyes she had ever seen. She felt a jolt of psychic energy shoot through her at the brief touch. Images raced in an instant through her brain which she had no time to analyze.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t see you. . .” her words trailed off as her eyes widened. “You’re Jax!”
He looked at her with a scowl. He’d be very handsome if not for the frown, she thought, still captivated by how blue his eyes were. She gave a quick decisive flick to her shiny black pony tail and stood up to her full five foot three inches, feeling downright puny compared to his well over six foot frame, she gauged, as she slanted her large, almond-shaped eyes up at him and began to introduce her seat mate.
“Jax, I’d like you to meet Mr. Anton Mubaruk, means blessed one in Egyptian, pretty cool, huh!”
“I know what Mubaruk means.” he replied curly while nodding politely at the man. “Is this all your luggage?” he asked abruptly, effectively dismissing her acquaintance.
“Yes, of course, give me a call, Anton.” she spoke pointedly to her new acquaintance. “I’d like that. You know where I’ll be.” she spoke with more confidence, a deliberate tone that said, don’t you dare say anything, Jax Cameron.
He ignored her words and picked up her two larger bags and carried them with incredible ease out through the automatic doors into the late afternoon furnace that was Luxor’s lot in midsummer. Waves of heat like ghost spirits radiated off the cement and spiraled up into the languid atmosphere. He obviously expected her to follow along after him like a docile sheep and she bit her tongue to keep her temper in check. She quelled her emotions which was not her usual way and followed the insufferable Jax, as she was now thinking of him, down the path to the waiting vehicle. The hot sun beating on her uncovered head felt like a heavy pulsating presence and was a bit of a shock, but she ignored the discomfort, focusing instead on following his broad strides and having to half-run to keep up with him.
He efficiently unlocked the rear cargo compartment and threw her bags unceremoniously into it.
“Careful, I have gifts for everyone!”
He just looked at her with a raised sardonic eyebrow and opened her door and then went around and got in. Well, at least, he was a gentleman, she thought as she climbed into the vast driving compartment of the luxurious vehicle.
“Nice wheels.” she spoke her thoughts aloud as she buckled her seatbelt.
“Not too shabby.” he acknowledged her compliment and took masterful control of the wheel and soon had them on the highway leading to their compound.

Saturday, 30 March 2013

An Eight Week Journey!

Good Morning Everyone!

I have just spent the most amazing eight weeks imaginable. I wrote an entire novel (the first in a new series) in that time. A truly metaphysical experience. I've had these experiences before when I was a wildlife painter, but never as a writer.

Of course, now the polishing begins. I feel the urge to polish this new work to the nines. A feeling right now that I hope continues for all the days that this will take...

Here's an (unpolished) excerpt from Blood Kin:


Eighteenth Dynasty

Egypt 1350BC

            “I want to live forever.”

“Have you any idea what you’re asking? I beseech you to think upon this one last time, my queen.” The ancient voice rumbled with foreboding.

“Yes, I am aware. I have born my children. The timing is right with the chaos brought on by plague. I am at the peak of my human beauty and I will preserve it at all costs.”

The haughtiness of her tone contrasted enticingly with her bewitching countenance, the ancient Sun God took intellectual note; he who was created from one of the elite lineages bestowed on early pro-magnum man by the star visitors. If his was the dark gift, so be it for the gift of light was overrated by his rivals. He wished briefly that the passing of hundreds of millennium had not left him beyond the human need of procreation. A beauty such as hers came only once in a thousand years.

“Beware, Queen Nefertiti, the cost of what you ask may be far higher than you seek. Are you willing to pay this cost? You will not know what debt you have incurred until it is too late. You cannot be brought to such a state until you agree to accept the other side of the coin—and it is a dark side, I caution you.”

“What cost? Living as I am now—forever? Bah, nothing you could say could sway me from this course of action. I will rule this land forever—my pure heart commands it. And you said I would have one wish granted for my dedication to praising you to my people and making you our one god. Living forever is my wish and it is in your provenance to give it to me.”

The finality of her tone convinced the deity of her conviction, though grave doubts lingered of her understanding of the high cost of becoming immortal. And how could she know? Most of the facts he could not divulge until she was turned as it was far too dangerous to have such knowledge venture forth into the human world. But his word was his word and thereby he must bestow the gift of everlasting life; damn the cost.

“Then I, Lord Aten, will make it so.” With a dramatic flourish of his luminous aura that surged with shinning rays of intense light like the spokes of a wheel from his entire being, he pronounced the words, “Regina vitam aeternam dona tibi—I give you the gift of eternal life.”

“I feel no different.” Nefertiti said after a moment and looked at Lord Aten with distain clearly written on that sinfully beautiful face. A face that could command an army at will. But he knew how to bend that powerful will to his own though soon he would be gone for he had been promised entry into the highest realm for his destiny fulfilled. Leaving his human body behind gave him a twinge of regret as he watched the captivating face of the first woman to become a vampiress flush with impatience. She was a worthy prize. He could well imagine the mesmer abilities she would incur with the change for no human could be safe from her influence once the likes of she was immortal.

Habere patientiam—have patience. First you need to be inficitur.


“Infection with the aeterna sanguis virus is essential to immortality. Only blood changes blood. You will wake immortal the day after it is administered.”

“Let’s begin.” Her tone was certain and he approved her steadfast conviction though he thought her impulsive to the extreme. Even felt a little thrill at knowing that such a beauty and spirit would exist for all time; and if he could not be the beneficiary—so be it for it must be written in the stars for what happened was meant to happen.

“This is the substance you seek.” With a sleight of hand he pulled a shimmering vial from beneath his snow white robe and held it up to the single candle that lit the dim, dank cavern well hidden beneath the new capital city. The suffrage would camouflage what actually had to be done and that he would take care of later under cover of darkness; the sharing of blood. The fundamental actions he would be called upon to perform in the night ahead created a surge of excitement beyond what he had felt in a plethora of years…

“I will take it now.”

“Drink it all in one go. It is the gift of the distant star visitors. You will be the first of your kind—the first female born of darkness to become immortal.” He proudly commanded and handed it over and felt her shiver involuntarily with anticipation as she ran the tip of her pink tongue over her full lips. He calmly watched as she impudently pulled the stopper from the vial and whipped her head back allowing her thick mane of undulating auburn hair to flow far down her back and rest at the hallow of her hip. She drank the shimmering liquid that shone with an iridescent unearthly glow as greedily as a hungry babe at its mother’s breast. Bemused, he watched her look of instant horror at the vile taste of the ancient concoction. Just the first insignificant cost of what was now destined to happen.

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Sunday, 6 January 2013

Forever Clan virtual book tour with swag!


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Saturday, 5 January 2013


Now at over 40,000 words into my newest novel: STAR CHILD. Please find next a small excerpt to entice you to read this novel in the months to come!

The bright colors that surrounded her had entered his body without his realizing it and had lit the darkness that had always ridden him. No longer could he ignore right and wrong—no longer could he fail to fully understand what his people were doing. The blinders were off. He was now enlightened to a full understanding of his soul and there was no going back. With a final thrust he felt his seed leave him in a hot rush, his body the instrument to fulfill some kind of manifest destiny. At the instant his seed entered her he experienced fireworks of color light her from within. He felt her body embrace this vital essence for starting life and in that split-second he knew: Lily would bear his child: a star child. My God, what had he done…?

The pair lay still, trying to absorb the enormity of what had happened.

Lily spoke first. “Something huge just happened, didn’t it?”


“Who are you, Cullen Goodman?”

His heart lurched in his chest. If he told her he would lose her. He could not lose her. Lily was…Lily, and the sun rose and set on her. It was a monumental realization.

“Just a man falling in love.”

“Love?” she said the word tentatively, like she was trying it on for size.

“Yes, love Lilly. I don’t know the why or the how, just that it is.”

“Don’t be frightened, but I think you’re pregnant,” he whispered in her ear, holding her close and wanting to spare her.

She nodded. “I know, I saw it happen. It’ll be a boy.”

“A son.” His voice was full of reverence. The pair held each other close, finding the surreal moment too overwhelming to say anything more…




Present day on Planet 2topia