Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Thanks, Mom!

My personal journey into the awesome realm of writing truly began for me as a child. I thank my dear mother for reading to her brood pretty much nightly for my interest in the written word. In point of fact, I was so excited about discovering how to read I taught myself how to even before my first day of school!
And once I began writing there was no stopping the outpouring of words. I not only write novels, I write about the journey of creating each novel. Words have such power for me! And over me…

To date the journey of storytelling has led me to vampire lairs, to distant planets, to many exotic place right here on Earth and all have definitely increased my pleasure. I usually give my characters the lead, as they off-times know more than me about what they would or would not do! Another advantage of this style of writing is the journey is so fresh that I believe that freshness and passion comes across in the story.
Different species populate my novels. Vampire, Dhampyre, Angel-Fae, Fairies, Dragons, Aliens—all have called my pages home. And all have enriched my life.

So thank you, Mom, for introducing me to stories by reading a chapter-a-night to us. It was the best gift a child could have!

Love, January Bain
Forever Man
Forever Woman
Forever Clan

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