Friday, 13 April 2012

What Jazlyn our heroine from The Time Key is thinking today

What my heroine is thinking about today:


Jazlyn contemplated the enormous impact of such a discovery in the world. What else could now be changed? Now that information could be sent—albeit expensively—back to the past, would the outcome of wars be changed? Like every new invention there was a dark side, one that those involved in the creative process did not always gleam before it was let lose upon an unsuspecting public. She hesitated to mention this to Josh, preferring instead to consider the wonderful outcomes that this new astonishing technology that he had perfected could activate. Maybe it would help their limited civilization achieve a level one status and help them avoid the negative outcomes that so many of her fellow scientists worried about on a daily basis. It was assumed by most of her colleagues that the majority of the danger now felt on Earth would pass as that juncture. She was personally convinced that Earth’s inhabitants would make it to a level one civilization on the way to the full level three where everyone could safely leave for another galaxy when the Sun finally entered its death throes and most likely consumed Earth in fire. She was convinced because she had to be. She wanted to feel that future generations would evolve to the point that human beings would make it into infinity and beyond.

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