Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Characters and loss of control

As I stated yesterday, the characters in my novel now have the control! And it's becoming an even more exciting novel than I envisioned. This is what happens when preparedness meets opportunity. Things grow experientially and become so much more than their parts. I can hardly wait to see what else they have to teach me. I feel very blessed today, getting to take part in this journey.

Another thought:

Brian Greene was on Nova a couple of days ago discussing the "eternal inflation" theory of Alan Guth's for the universe. This theory says that new "Big Bangs" and new universes are popping up all the time! Hence multi-verses. This is quite different from the separate time-track approach my novel is taking where an event to the past creates a split in time, but very interesting nevertheless.
But if our hero from the novel gets inadvertently placed on a different time-track will he be able to find his love back in present day? Can I take that chance as a writer?

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