Wednesday, 25 April 2012

My first Book Launch

Just two months until my first book launches and I'm getting butterflies just thinking about it! Forever Man will be coming out July 2, 2012 as an e-book from Champagne Books. Wow! Never thought I'd get here.

I thought I'd add a photo of myself today taken at the time just before I began writing, Forever Man, as I like it because it was taken by my beloved husband, Don, which brings me to today's blog. Without the support of wonderful husbands, lovers, friends, and family an author would have a difficult journey indeed! Thanks to my wonderful, precious darling for being there for me. Don is my very own Forever Man!!! Xxxooo

Who has made your journey easier?


  1. I hear you. My novel, Toxic Relationship comes out in August. I am especially grateful to my wife who has supported me through it all. Getting a book out the door is quite the birthing process!

  2. Thanks for commenting Richard and good luck with Toxic Relationship! Best, January