Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Moon Cruisings

Yesternight my 2 cosmic travelers began circling around a celestial body: the moon. They are looking for the wormhole left for them to find by a future (class 3) civilization. The excitement is building as I write these words and I wanted so to share the experience with fellow book lovers. I'm now holding on tight myself for the ride!

The Time Key stands at 44,769 words this morning. The chapter I wrote last week is the huge life-changing event of the first trip of the RX-8 Atlantis to the moon and the discovery of the Kennedy-Nasca wormhole. This is central to the story and sets off an amazing turn of events that will affect all the rest of the story. This week, the effects of "falling" down the wormhole will be disclosed one day at a time.

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