Monday, 19 March 2012


Okay, I established yesterday that you need to find a pre-existing space ship because you can only travel back to the time it was built. A naturally occurring wormhole would work well with both its "mouths" in our galaxy with one effected by a neutron star for example, that would cause time dilation by making one mouth younger than the other. Then you could travel back in time.

Must now consider the time slip: That is how much time will pass on each trip through the wormhole, considering you can figure a way to keep it stable. More tomorrow!


  1. Or one effected by a Black Hole would also work!

  2. I find wormholes fascinating, January, even though I don;t write SCi-fi!

  3. They are, Rosemary! Thanks so much for visiting my new site. Going to be a fun month discussing all things involved in time travel!