Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Einstein's theories

Inspired to write all weekend! Up at five this morning to put in an hour before preparing for my day work of teaching in our local high school.

Okay, we have established that there is nothing to suggest in Einstein's general theory of relativity that time travel to the past cannot happen.

That said, there are “rules” you need to follow according to the brilliant minds of twenty-first century physicists: you can affect the past in a closed time loop, but not change it or if the past is to be changed, you must introduce multiple time tracks, such as splitting or parallel universes. I think choosing a "fork" in time when a new event is introduced in the past would be an effective way to create a closed time loop.

What do you think?


  1. 'Forking paths in time' is the model I use in 'Spirited!' - a story involving djinn who can travel freely between the multiverses created by all the possible branches of time. It's a neat way to avoid the paradoxes.

    1. Excellant Skylarker! I'm now interested in Spirited. Where can I find it? Thanks for the comment. Avoiding paradoxes is vital, I agree. Best, January