Sunday, 18 March 2012

Plausible Time Travel makes one really think...

Thinking about all the possibilities involved with plausible time travel is so invigorating! My mind is awash with ideas and plots and characters that would create the best possible first story in this brand new genre (to me that is). I am thrilled to be thinking about the cosmos, and Einstein's theory about general reality and ways to achieve my objective of going back into the past. Wormholes, Cosmic Strings, Black Holes and Kerr Rings...

In particular, thinking about "causality" today, the relationship between a first event (cause) and a second event (effect) as it relates to my favorite subject this spring, time travel. Looks like to avoid paradoxes into the past, I'll need to have the time machine invented before the time in the past it is needed to "fix" an event, with a character, for example. Definitely affects how the story will unfold, but I really want the story to be seen well by hard science people as well as churn up the imagination of all my hoped for readers! Wish me luck.


  1. I do wish you luck. Will I need meds fo tis trip? Pj's?