Thursday, 15 March 2012


March 15, 2012

And so it begins anew. A brand new book, a familiar genre (hard sci-fi), and lots of great new research to do. I wonder, at times, where all the ideas come from. But as soon as the idea takes hold I feel that familiar exhilarating addiction coming on that means I get to create a brand-new journey for myself (and others).
Lately, a new book means choosing a brand new realm to explore. This one, PLANET, came about because I was watching the series, Game of Thrones, in its entirety the weekend of March 10, 2012. The concept of creating a previously unknown world mesmerized this tenuous writer and my mind was immediately off and running with the stupendous thoughts the idea created for me. The what, where, when, who and how questions immediately surfaced and enlivened my feverish brain with numerous scenarios. Some will be put aside for future books, but one stood out for now. And PLANET is born.


  1. I'm also working on creating a brand new realm - well not really realm but plane. My book THE GAME (sci-fi) is unfolding in my mind as I type unfortunately it's all just ideas at the moment as I continue to work on the sequel to my novella Dark Avenger and anxiously awaiting the release of my novel Secrets of Fae through Champagne Books.

    1. That's great EB! Thanks for commenting and best of luck!