Tuesday, 27 March 2012

What an Amazing Journey!!!

What an amazing journey! The last three weeks spent on research is paying off big time. The story, based a few years into the future, poured out of me beginning at five AM each morning. I was able to connect many of the dots for writing proper science fiction in the time travel area, thanks to the scientists that take the idea seriously.
The rocket that takes one of my characters to the wormhole on the dark side of the moon (fortuitously mapped in February of this year), the RX-8 Atlantis, had already been invented before the incident in the past happened that is the basis for my story. This avoids one important paradox.
Now, the scientists in the novel are busy discussing ways to have this time travel to the past, 18 months before, happen. This will help my hoped-for-readers understand the ideas and concerns behind this amazing concept: time travel to the past!

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