Saturday, 5 January 2013


Now at over 40,000 words into my newest novel: STAR CHILD. Please find next a small excerpt to entice you to read this novel in the months to come!

The bright colors that surrounded her had entered his body without his realizing it and had lit the darkness that had always ridden him. No longer could he ignore right and wrong—no longer could he fail to fully understand what his people were doing. The blinders were off. He was now enlightened to a full understanding of his soul and there was no going back. With a final thrust he felt his seed leave him in a hot rush, his body the instrument to fulfill some kind of manifest destiny. At the instant his seed entered her he experienced fireworks of color light her from within. He felt her body embrace this vital essence for starting life and in that split-second he knew: Lily would bear his child: a star child. My God, what had he done…?

The pair lay still, trying to absorb the enormity of what had happened.

Lily spoke first. “Something huge just happened, didn’t it?”


“Who are you, Cullen Goodman?”

His heart lurched in his chest. If he told her he would lose her. He could not lose her. Lily was…Lily, and the sun rose and set on her. It was a monumental realization.

“Just a man falling in love.”

“Love?” she said the word tentatively, like she was trying it on for size.

“Yes, love Lilly. I don’t know the why or the how, just that it is.”

“Don’t be frightened, but I think you’re pregnant,” he whispered in her ear, holding her close and wanting to spare her.

She nodded. “I know, I saw it happen. It’ll be a boy.”

“A son.” His voice was full of reverence. The pair held each other close, finding the surreal moment too overwhelming to say anything more…




Present day on Planet 2topia


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