Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Major Theme running through my novels

 First Harvest/ Science Fiction Romance

I have begun to notice a theme running through my books this fall of 2012, whether they are fantasy, horror, paranormal or science fiction. Apparently, living through the life of my characters cavorting in my works, I worry a lot about our planet progressing beyond its present status of using fossil fuels as energy sources which makes us only a Type O on the standard Kardashev scale accepted by most scholars. We need to reach the next tier of the scale for categorizing civilizations to learn to control the weather, or truly manipulate planetary energies. People will need to embrace the big picture if all we hold dear is going to survive.

Well, that’s according to Lily Stewart, my newest heroine who clawed her way up from the having a drug-addicted mother to acquiring a doctorate in anthropology. Her colleagues at the university paint a doom-and-gloom scenario that the planet is heading for disaster in the near future if humans didn’t start pulling together and realizing what’s at stake, not only on an ecological front but also the all-important social wherewithal to settle illiberal differences that had been separating cultures for millennium. When would people realize it was the war between them that could cause Armageddon—internal flaws in human character would most likely be the catalyst, not the insignificant threats from doomsday scenarios proposed by the recent crop of survivalists?

And that realization was not going to happen unless everyone started to pull together, Lily laments in First Harvest. People needed to embrace the big picture if all they held dear was going to survive fifty years past Peak Oil. 

What about you? Do you think like Lily? Do you worry about the future of our fellow humans?







  1. Absolutely, I agree with Lily! We are near--some say at or even past--Peak Oil, and it's destabilizing the entire planet. If we don't change our ways, find new sources of energy, and curb our thirst for ever-greater energy usage, it'll be game over. Kudos to you for taking on such an important and timely topic.

  2. Hi Nikki, thanks for commenting! Yes, we may well be past the peak. Our ways will be changed for us if we don't change them.