Friday, 1 June 2012

Replicator-animators and Energy

Time to consider who goes and who will be left behind for the mass exodus as the comet Titan continues its unvarying path to World destruction.

Cyber anatomically-correct replicas had made their way into the marketplace for the more mundane and dangerous jobs. They will not be included in the Exodus due to space constraints. This also falls under ethical issues. The World Government is busy passing legislation that will exclude not only this group but also anyone not deemed loyal to them. It’s easy now with all the medical advances, this knowing who will be loyal and who won’t be to all the new laws enacted.

Been thinking a lot about energy needed to power all the innovations on Earth. A force field powered by solar power seems feasible for controlling weather patterns, one of the main-stays of a civilization reaching an improved status, but need to consider plausible suggestions for energy hogging  inventions like powered Space Arks…

The human factor: Wives and husbands, mothers and fathers, teenagers and babies. The coming complete disruption to their lives with affect the generations differently, as all huge events do. Though this event has no real president on Earth, the threat of annihilation has always played to the human experience. Think about how you would handle it?!

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